JD.com and Farfetch to create the Luxury Shopping Gateway in China

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JD.com and Farfetch Limited formed a partnership to bring more luxury brand to the Chinese. JD.com or Jingdong is China’s premier e-commerce luxury retailer. Jingdong has collaborated with Farfetch to create the “Premier Luxury Gateway to China” via Farfetch technology. The Toplife branch of JD.com will be merged with Farfetch to create the Luxury Gateway. Jingdong and Farfetch have been working together since 2017 on logistics and data gathering for how the Chinese purchase luxury and other brands. The deepened relationship will bring more information on how to provide the Chinese with the luxury shopping experiences that they want.

Jingdong has been a significant player in China’s luxury fashion market. They provide a number of services. JD.com offers which glove delivery and JD Fashion has brick and mortar stores for the Chinese to enjoy shopping in. Together they offer a complete end-to-end experience for the Chinese that enjoy luxury shopping. JD.com and Farfetch together will bring the global luxury shopping experience to China. The Gateway intends to bring more global luxury brands into China for the Chinese to enjoy. It has always been Jingdong’s goal to give the Chinese the best luxury shopping experience possible.

As Jingdong brings more luxury flagship stores into the cities of China, they intend to make it easier for those far away to shop at new stores through technology and logistics. Jingdong and Farfetch believe that this will be unique technology throughout China for some time to come. There are big hopes for the JD.com and Farfetch partnership. So much so that they have deemed it the “Premier Luxury Gateway to China.” JD.com’s Cheif Strategy Office has said that this will be a win-win collaboration and that it will be an essential step for Jingdong as they develop their luxury ecosystem. JD.com and Farfetch plan to be the ultimate luxury shopping destination in China. Learn More.